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Obviously, this is a work still in progress:

there are many pages that are unfinished, quite unreadable or still on the process of being designed...

But please, do feel free to run through it - and get a general idea of this work's proposal. 

Believe me, I am looking forward to being able to advance on this project, as soon as time and financing will render it possible!

This is a long-range and extensive piece of work, which, I believe, has great potential. Give it a chance!

If you are interested or have any questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with me, I will be delighted to tell you more about it!

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In a nutshell

The project is a fiction with autobiographical elements told in the style of an adventure-type tale of epic proportions. The narrative is written in the first person. In a way, I believe it has always been a part of me, but some years ago, when I came to Berlin (a Grecian Brusseler), something happened, and I finally found the right way to tell the story.

As a stage designer:

It has been part of a multi-media project, when I presented as a chapter of my master project, (linking characters that appear in the comic to the theatrical performance Das Kunstraubkabinett at the Ackerstadtpalast, Berlin 2018). The intention then was to create a certain continuity in the narrative, using different mediums (e.g. comic/graphic novel, theatre/performance, photography/film) in order to tell the story from different perspectives of reality: the range of possibilities that the different mediums offer works greatly to the advantage of creating complex pathways into active interpretation, imagination and the experience of reality (or fiction) on different levels.

For example: I have already performed theatrically, but have a project of making a photographic-mixed medium, based on art performed and photographed in the city and artistically included the comic.

The way it is autobiographical relies on the fact that I pick and borrow from events, places or people I have respectively truly experienced, visited or known in my life – and subtly blending them in within the comic (of course, names and personalities are discretely changed).

The story line follows a young woman around 30 – who after a mysterious accident (on “some Greek Island”) loses her memory – and her intricate mixture and involvement with Ancient Greek mythological figures, more precisely from Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey, and Sophocles’  tragedy Ajax.

My main themes/thesis here are Reality and Fiction, and Identity and Memory.

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