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Concept art

Here are some examples of the concept art that was drawn and created for the theatre piece by Ahmed Ayed at the Atelier 210 in Brussels, from the very early stages of the work process to the final results.  

I want to specify that this project (for a number of reasons) took six years to be brought to its finality, in June 2021. It underwent many conceptual and essential changes and much research and experimentation were an important part of the process.

The early drawings date from 2016. The model was created in the end of 2020.

Rigor Mortis - Concept: Text
Rigor Mortis - Concept: Selected Work

The costumes were created by Camélia Zaoudi
Final conception for the machines and construction by Guy Carbonelle, with the help of Ditte Van Brempt

Rigor Mortis - Concept: Text
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