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A UdK and Theaterdiscounter Berlin coproduction

Berlin 2022

Wildwuchs 2022: Project



Three brand new pieces by four young authors presented as a mini festival in workshop form in one evening - that's WILDWUCHS. Played by the current acting graduates of the UdK and staged by three experienced directors, the scenic arrangements offer an exclusive insight into the texts of the latest generation of authors in John von Düffels' Scenic Writing course.

This young talent festival is taking place at TD Berlin for the third time. First in February in this concentrated form of workshop staging: three pieces in short form in a row on one evening. For the first time this year, one of the works will be further developed and reappear full-length in the TD Berlin program at the beginning of May.

More on the TD and UdK websites.

Press article from Der Spiegel 

Wildwuchs 2022: Text


by Paula Kläy and Guido Wertheimer

directed by Marco Damghani

A surreal reinterpretation of antiquity: King Creon and his son Haimon go hare-hunting in the desert, while Antigone goes in search of an island without drama...
With Tara Weiß (for Nihan Didar Kirmanoglu) / Jonas Holupirek / Ludwig Michael

Wildwuchs 2022: Portfolio


by Maximilian Rummel
directed by Fabian Gerhardt

An absurd journey into the colonial legacy begins with an attack on a studio in which alligators are skinned and processed into exotic leather.
With Robert Knorr / Daria Lik / Vito Sack / Nina Stehlin

Wildwuchs 2022: Portfolio


by Julia Herrgesell

directed by Nele Rosetz

One no longer dies of a broken heart: in this Clavigo rendition, a modern Marie emancipates herself from her poet and marries herself.
With Zazie Cayla / Philipp Lehfeldt / Mathilda Switala 
Video: Thorsten Biernath / Video and production assistant: Maru-S. Horning

Wildwuchs 2022: Portfolio

Overall direction Marion Hirte / John von Düffel / Georg Scharegg
Stage, props and costumes Iris Christidi
Technical direction Florian Brossmann / Stephan Mäusel / David Ojala
Cooperation partner KostümKollektiv e. V.
With the support of the Mara and Holger Cassens Foundation / Association of Friends of the Drama course at the UdK Berlin e.V.
We would like to thank supporters and donors
Production University of the Arts (UdK Berlin) and the Theaterdiscounter (TD) Berlin
The TD is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe / Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa

Wildwuchs 2022: Text
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