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Opera in two parts by Peter Eötvös
Based on the play by Tony Kushner
Libretto by Mari Mezei · Commande du Théâtre du Châtelet

A UdK opera production at the Uni.T

(Theatre of the University of Arts Berlin) 2019

Directed by Isabel Hindersin

Musical director : Christian Schumann

Stage by Iris Christidi

Costumes by Sophie Peters

Angels in America: Projects

A collaboration between Voice and Opera student programme, the UdK Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the Costume Design and Stage Design student programme.

The intricate stories of Prior, Louis, Belize, Harper, Joe, Roy Cohn and the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg, all battle for life and understanding their existence in the opera by the celebrated composer Peter Eötvös, based on the renowned two-part play by Tony Kushner.

Eötvös boils the seven-hour original piece down to a portrait of a self-compacting world, in which the will to live and the depth of human hope triumphs.

With: Xenia Cumento/Lisa Ziehm, Devi Suriani/Yehui Jeong, Verena Tönjes/Yixuan Zhu, Benjamin de Wilde/Christoph Brunner, Benjamin Popson/Kyoungloul Kim, Alexander Fedorov/Gregor Novak, Eduardo Rojas/TaeKyu Kim, Daniel Nicholson/Jinsei Park, the Voice and Opera programme in collaboration with the Symphony Orchestra of the UdK Berlin.

All the information & more on the UdK website (DE) & in (EN)

Press articles: NMZ, Morgenpost, Konzertkritikopernkritik

Angels in America: Text
Angels in America: Pro Gallery
Angels in America

Angels in America

Angels in America: Video Player

The Angel: Xenia Cumento / Lisa Ziehm 
Harper Pitt, Ethel Rosenberg: Devi Suriani / Yehui Jeong
Hannah Pitt, Rabbi Chemelwitz, Henry: Verena Tönjes / Yixuan Zhu 
Joseph Pitt: Benjamin de Wilde / Christoph Brunner
Prior Walter: Benjamin Popson / Kyoungloul Kim
Louis Ironson:  Alexander Fedorov / Gregor Novak
Belize, Mr Lies, Bronx Woman: Eduardo Rojas / TaeKyu Kim
Roy Cohn: Daniel Nicholson / Jinsei Park 

Choir: Johannes Blank, Kateryna Chekhova, Pablo Helmbold, Aurora Marthens / Marlene Metzger, Kamila Maria de Pasquale, Stanislav Prunskij

And the Symphonieorchester der Universität der Künste Berlin

UdK Berlin, 2019

Angels in America: Text
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